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Tuesday 10th November 2020 10:00am

Pair of vintage dolls: (1) hard plastic teenage doll

Pair of vintage dolls: (1) hard plastic teenage doll, 1950s / 1960s, blue flirty eyes, blonde wig, five piece jointed body, wearing hand-made outfit- woollen blue floral print dress, black nylon all-in-one, navy woollen coat (with navy floral lining and matching scarf), Good, 19"/48cm; (2) Seyfarth and Reinhardt composition baby doll, German, 1920s, flirty brown eyes, open mouth with tremble tongue, cloth body with composition limbs, lower legs are damaged and repaired with tape and sticking plasters, fingers/hands cracked and chipped, wearing hand knitted outfit, Fair, 21"/53cm; (2).

Estimate: £30 - £40

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