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Wednesday 1st December 2021 10: 00am

Pair of Vintage British Teddy Bears:

Pair of Vintage British Teddy Bears: (1) Chiltern type Teddy Bear circa 1930's, clear glass eyes with black pupil, black vertically stitched hook nose, cloth pads, remains of black claw stitching, fully jointed, foot pads are holed, areas of wear, balding and shedding overall, moth damage, Fair to Good; (2) British blonde mohair Teddy Bear, missing eyes, black vertically stitched nose, remains of felt pads, fully jointed, felt to paw pads is threadbare, wear overall, ingrained dust, Fair, both bears would benefit from cleaning, 2 1/2"/57cm. (2)

Estimate: £30 - £50

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