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Wednesday 24th April 2019 10:30am

Matchbox Superfast group of Made in Bulgaria Issues

Matchbox Superfast group of Made in Bulgaria Issues. 2 x 7b Hairy Hustler - both are chrome interior, silver painted "No.IX Flamin Manta" base, 5-arch wheels (1) blue body with gold racing number 8 tampo print, light yellow windows; (2) metallic gold body, clear windows and 3 x 66b Mazda RX500 - all are light yellow windows, chrome interior, 5-arch wheels (1) green body with red & yellow tampo print stripe, silver painted base; (2) metallic blue body, silver painted base; (3) metallic gold body, matt black base (one side of base has not been factory sprayed by the factory and some paint chips to rear of model) - Excellent to Mint unboxed. (5)

Estimate: £25 - £35

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