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Wednesday 24th April 2019 10:30am

Matchbox Superfast 4 x 71c Dodge Cattle Truck

Matchbox Superfast 4 x 71c Dodge Cattle Truck - all are silver painted base, 5-crown wheels (1) metallic bronze cab & chassis, dark yellow stake body, dark green windows, black cattle attached to sprue; (2) as (1) but dark blue windows; (3) as (2) but slightly lighter shade cab & chassis, brown cattle attached to sprue; (4) yellow cab & chassis without front head-lamp cut-outs, dark chocolate brown stake body, red windows, black cattle one of which has been removed from sprue (does have a couple of tiny pin size factory assembly chips to cab) - all generally Near Mint to Mint in Good to Excellent type K boxes 3 of which have "New" lettering. (4)

Estimate: £40 - £50

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