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Wednesday 15th May 2019 10:30am

Matchbox Superfast (1) 25a Ford Cortina

Matchbox Superfast (1) 25a Ford Cortina - metallic blue body, 5-spoke narrow wheels; (2) 29b Racing Mini - metallic bronze body with orange outline racing number 29 labels, ivory interior, bare metal base (in incorrect box for 68a Porsche 910); (3) 56a BMC Pininfarina - metallic gold body with low arches, 5-spoke narrow wheels three of which have tread pattern cast one front wheel without; (4) 60b Lotus Super Seven - Excellent Plus to Mint in Good Plus to Excellent Plus boxes. Regular Wheels 28d Mack Dump Truck with orange plastic hubs - Excellent (has usual body discolouration) in Fair creased type F2 box and 63c Dodge Crane Truck - Mint apart from a couple of minor factory assembly marks in Excellent "New" type F1 box and Corgi Juniors Reliant TW9 Pick-up - orange body, light blue windows, black 5-spoke narrow wheels - Near Mint unboxed. (7)

Estimate: £60 - £70

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