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Monday 29th June 2020 10:00am

Matchbox Regular Wheels

Matchbox Regular Wheels, a group of Public Service Vehicles. (1) 5b London Bus “Players Please” - Stannard Code 9 - red body with silver grille, 8 x 18-tread grey plastic wheels with crimped axles - overall Good with some play wear & original owner’s name scratched into base - in Good to Good Plus type B4 box; (2) 5c London Routemaster Bus “BP Visco-Static” - Stannard Code 6 - smooth roof interior, type A base, 18-tread grey plastic wheels - Near Mint in generally Good Plus “New Model” later period box for 5d London Routemaster Bus; (3) 56a London Trolleybus “Peardrax” - Stannard Code 7 - smooth roof interior, gloss black base, 18-tread black plastic wheels - Good Plus in Fair to Good complete D2 box; (4) 58a BEA Airport Coach - Stannard Code 1 - “British European Airways” decals, 18-tread grey plastic wheels with crimped axles - Excellent, unboxed (axles rusty). (4)

Estimate: £60 - £70

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