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Wednesday 24th April 2019 10: 30am

Matchbox Regular Wheels group of Trailers

Matchbox Regular Wheels group of Trailers. 2 x 9d Cabin Cruiser & Trailer - both are blue boat with white hull, blue trailer with axle studs (1) Stannard Code 2 - boat without side blocks - Excellent Plus with some marks to hull in Near Mint "New Model" type E4 box; (2) Stannard Code 4 - boat with blocks - boat with Excellent with some scratches particularly to cabin roof, trailer Near Mint in Good Plus faded type F2 box; 2 x 23d Trailer Caravan (1) Stannard Code 1 - lemon yellow type A body with open axles, 18-tread black plastic wheels - Excellent Plus (roof has been glued into position) in Excellent Plus type E2 box illustrating yellow model; (2) Stannard Code 8 - pink type B body with type B tow bar & closed axles, 40-tread black plastic wheels - Excellent Plus (roof does not quite fit flush) in Excellent type E4® box and 38c Honda Motorcycle & Trailer - Stannard Code 6 - yellow trailer with Honda decals, type E base with extended axle channel & tapered rear ejector rings, metallic aqua Motorcycle with type D oil tank - Excellent Plus in Excellent Plus type F2 box. (5)

Estimate: £50 - £60

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