Tuesday 6th August 2019 10:30am

Matchbox Regular Wheels group of Construction

Matchbox Regular Wheels group of Construction & Farm vehicles. (1) 1b Aveling Barford Diesel Road Roller - light green body with gold trim, tan driver, red metal rollers - Good Plus with paint loss to edges of both rear rollers one of which is sunfaded in Good creased type B1 box; (2) 2a Site Dumper with green metal wheels - Good Plus apart from driver which has considerable paint loss and only Fair in generally Excellent type B1 box with small puncture hole to one picture face; (3) 3a Site Mixer - blue body with engine cover handle cast, orange metal wheels with flat crimped axle - Excellent with a few small chips in Fair creased but complete type B1 box; (4) 4a Massey Harris Tractor - Good (exhaust a little bent out of shape and rear tow hook incomplete) in Fair but still complete type B1 box with some ink graffiti. (4)

Estimate: £50 - £60

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