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Wednesday 24th April 2019 10: 30am

Matchbox Regular Wheels group of Commercial vehicles

Matchbox Regular Wheels group of Commercial vehicles. (1) 26b Foden Cement Mixer - unlisted Stannard Code - orange body with silver trim, orange plastic barrel, matt orange type B chassis with braces, 20-tread black plastic wheels - Excellent Plus (barrel sunfaded) in Fair but complete earlier period "New Model" type C Lesney box; (2) 28b Ford Thames Trader Compressor Truck - Stannard Code 4 - yellow body with front & rear silver trim, type B engine with partial radiator infill, gloss black base, 24-tread black plastic wheels with rounded axles - Near Mint in Good type C Lesney box printed by Pembroke Abbey; (3) 35b Snow-Trac - Stannard Code 5 - dark red body with 25mm side decals, dark green windows, type B mudguards with extended curved ridge, silver base, black plastic rollers with original but perished & discoloured white rubber tracks - Excellent in Good Plus creased type E3 box; (4) 58b Drott Excavator - Stannard Code 7 - orange body & bucket with cast shut hydraulic arms, silver base & engine, black plastic rollers (missing tracks) - apart from missing tracks model is Near Mint in Good Plus "New Model" earlier period type D1 printed by Pembroke Abbey. (4)

Estimate: £60 - £70

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