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Wednesday 27th April 2022 10: 00am

Matchbox Regular Wheels group of Cars & Trailers

Matchbox Regular Wheels group of Cars & Trailers. (1) 12a Land Rover (some paint chips to driver who is also loose); (2) 19a MG TD with cream body; (3) 33a Ford Zodiac - dark green body with silver trim, matt black base; (4) 39a Ford Zodiac Convertible - green interior & base, tan type B driver; (5) 43a Hillman Minx with matt black base; (6) 48a Meteor Sports Boat & Trailer; (7) 50a Commer Pick-up Truck - dark tan body with mask sprayed front silver trim, gloss black base, 20-tread grey plastic wheels with rounded axles (in earlier period extensively glue repaired type B3 box) - condition varies from Good to Excellent Pus in Poor to Good type B boxes. (7)

Estimate: £90 - £110

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