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Thursday 10th September 2020 10:00am

Matchbox Regular Wheels group of British Cars

Matchbox Regular Wheels group of British Cars. (1) 7b Ford Anglia - turquoise green windows, without rear silver trim & without red tail lamps, gloss black base with model No.7 on flat base, 36-tread grey plastic wheels - Excellent in Good Plus type D3 box; (2) 33b Ford Zephyr 6 - without rear silver trim, gloss black base, 36-tread black plastic wheels - Near Mint with a couple of minor factory paint flaws to hood in Good Plus "New Model" type D2 box illustrating sage green model printed by Pembroke Abbey; (3) 38b Vauxhall Victor Estate Car - red interior, gloss black base, 24-tread silver plastic wheels - Excellent Plus (front & rear bumpers along with tail lamps have been neatly painted) in Good Plus a little creased & stained type D3 box. (3)

Estimate: £50 - £60

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