Thursday 30th September 2021 10: 00am

Matchbox Regular Wheels G-4 Race Track gift set containing

Matchbox Regular Wheels G-4 Race Track gift set containing (1) 13d Dodge BP Wreck Truck - BP labels, maroon plastic hook; (2) 19d Lotus F1 Racing Car - dark green body with racing number 3 hood label but racing number 3 side decals; (3) as (2) but orange body with racing number 3 decals; (4) 29c American La France Fire Pumper Truck "Denver"; (5) 41c Ford GT40 - white body with racing number 6 hood decal, maroon interior, gloss black base; (6) as (5) but yellow body; (7) 52b BRM F1 Formula 1 Racing Car - blue body with racing number 5 decals, (8) as (7) but red body; (9) 54b Cadillac Ambulance - white body with silver grille & red cross door decals, white interior, gloss black base with rear axle brace; (10) King Size K-5 Racing Car Transporter - condition of contents varies from Excellent (Dodge Wreck Truck & Cadillac Ambulance) to Mint in Excellent Plus type E window box complete with card & plastic vac-form packing pieces but replacement perspex window; (11) Roadway Series R-4 foldout card Grand Prix Race Track Near Mint in Mint type E printed paper sleeve. Superb example.

Estimate: £300 - £400

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