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Tuesday 12th July 2022 10: 00am

Matchbox Regular Wheels a group of American Vehicles

Matchbox Regular Wheels a group of American Vehicles. (1) 6d Ford Pickup Truck - white grille, matt black base with cast letter A, “New” type F1 box (some discoloration to grille); (2) 27c Fire Pumper Truck - without Denver decals, bare metal base with tow guide, type F2 box; (3) 50c Dodge Kennel Truck - white grille, smooth load bed, grey tinted canopy, matt black base, “New” type F1 box (grille a little discoloured & missing plastic dogs); (4) 71c Ford Esso Heavy Wreck Truck - dark green windows & roof light, small dark blue outline Esso labels, type C base with rear mudguard braces, scarce late issue type F4 box - Excellent to Near Mint in Good to Good Plus type F box. (4)

Estimate: £80 - £100

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