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Wednesday 24th April 2019 10:30am

Matchbox Regular Wheels 2 x 50a Commer Pick-up Truck

Matchbox Regular Wheels 2 x 50a Commer Pick-up Truck (1) Stannard Code 1 - light tan body with silver trim, without dashboard brace & without roof ejector ring, rear of body is 2mm wide, matt black base, metal wheels - Excellent with some paint chips to coachline on each side of body and also a couple of chips to rear wheelarch in Excellent a little creased type B2 box with large thick model numbers to end flaps; (2) Stannard Code 13 - red body with mask sprayed silver trim to grille & headlamps only, light grey cab roof & loadbed with curved dashboard brace and with roof ejector ring, gloss black base, 20-tread grey plastic wheels with rounded axles - overall Near Mint with chip to front bumper in Fair type D1 box printed by Pembroke Abbey (one end flap detached but still present). (2)

Estimate: £50 - £60

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