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Tuesday 12th July 2022 10: 00am

Matchbox Regular Wheels 2 x 11a ERF Tanker

Matchbox Regular Wheels 2 x 11a ERF Tanker - both are type B round chassis brace, metal wheels with flat crimped axles (1) lemon yellow body with silver trim Good Plus with some small paints chips & scratch to edge of cab roof in Good to Good Plus type B1 box; (2) red body with small Esso decal, gold trim Good Plus (corrosion to wheels & axles rusty) in Fair creased & stained/discoloured but still complete type B1 box and 11b ERF Esso Tanker - red body with silver trim, type A base with cast open rear rectangular hole, metal wheels with domed crimped axles Excellent Plus with scratch to edge of tank in Fair tape repaired but still complete later period type D2 box. (3)

Estimate: £50 - £60

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