Thursday 12th November 2020 10:00am


Lledo - Days Gone and similar a group of boxed promotional models including some harder to find models along with Multi Vehicle Gift Sets comprising of Gift Set GS.1 a 3-vehicle gift set x 2 which includes Ford Van "Barclays", Horsedrawn Delivery Van "Abels" & Model A Ford Van "Michelin" x 4, a 3-vehicle "British Army Collection 1939" gift set x 2 along with others. Also to include in this lot is a Model T Ford Van "Aeroplane Jelly Co", Model T Ford Van "The Auto Model Exchange", Dennis 1934 Parcels Van "Fyffes" along with others. Conditions all generally range from Good to Excellent in generally Good outer window boxes although unchecked for completeness/correctness (please note there is duplication in this lot and some window/boxes do suffer from crushing). (53)

Estimate: £30 - £40

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