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Friday 19th March 2021 10:00am

Lledo Days Gone, Star Wars, De Agostini

Lledo Days Gone, Star Wars, De Agostini, Franklin Mint and similar quantity of collectable items such as Franklin Mint 1/43rd scale "Classic Cars of the 50's Series" 1951 Mercury Monterey, Lledo 4-vehicle box set "The Spirit of Brooklands", Star Wars Episode 1 plastic and cloth zipped CD wallet, Corgi boxed "Auto City Airport Playset" which is unchecked for completeness and also untested, along with others. Also to include in this lot is a plastic display cabinet (badly damaged and will not now be wall mounted) which contains 21 x plastic commercial Truck/Trailers along with small quantity of other interesting items including a empty Corgi CC20401 "The Southdown Gallopers" box (please note this is empty and does not include any items). Conditions all generally range from Poor to Fair. (qty)

Estimate: £5 - £10

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