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Tuesday 10th November 2020 10: 00am

Little Tikes, Fisher Price

Little Tikes, Fisher Price, Tomy vintage collection of mainly larger scale plastic toys, and others including: Little Tikes Party Kitchen- pots and pans, kitchen utensils; Sit ’n Scoot; Little Tikes Slide, plus girl & dog (from Doll's House range); Till and plastic money; assorted food stuffs, cooking utensils, etc. Casdon Rowenta Express kettle; iron. Assorted cardboard and plastic play packaging- play food, vegetables and fruit, cleaning products, etc. Fisher Price Microwave; frying pan. Playmates Pony City- ponies, magazines, etc. Tomy Fun Runs Burger Stand; Wind-Ups. Plus Bambola; Kiddicraft; and others, etc. Fair to Good Plus, (very large quantity- seven boxes).

Estimate: £20 - £40

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