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Tuesday 1st June 2021 10: 00am

Kathe Kruse No.1 cloth doll, German, early 1920s

Kathe Kruse No.1 cloth doll, German, early 1920s, moulded cloth face, finely oil-painted eyes with radiating iris, painted hair, fixed head with neck seam, rear of head has three pate seams, muslin body, portraying a two to three year old child with very wide jointed hips, the torso comprises seven pieces of cloth and five pieces of cloth make the legs. The arms consist of two pieces of cloth, with fingers separately quilted, thumb separately sewn on (right thumb is missing). Nose is worn away, holes to forehead, paint is worn away, some repair and holes to cloth body/to seams, body is discoloured otherwise Fair to Good, with hand knitted clothing, remains of markings to sole of feet (indecipherable), 17"/43cm.

Estimate: £80 - £120

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