Thursday 26th May 2022 10: 00am


Hornby (Minic Ships) a boxed group of 1/1200 scale Minic Ships which comprises of Fighting Ship Series and Famous Liners Series to include no.M744 IJN Yamato (Fighting Ships Series), M742 KM Bismarck (Fighting Ships Series), M745 KM Scharnhorst (Fighting Ships Series), M703 RMS Queen Mary (Famous Liners Series), M715 RMS Canberra (Famous Liners Series) along with others. Conditions do generally appear to be Good Plus to Excellent in generally Good outer Perspex window boxes which all come complete with plastic ends (these would benefit from a further clean possibly due to previous storage) with some models still inside brown mailer boxes. Quantity (11)

Estimate: £100 - £110

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