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Tuesday 1st June 2021 10:00am

German bisque dolls pair:

German bisque dolls pair: (1) JD Kester jr shoulder head bisque character doll, c1915, impressed 210, stationary eyes, open/closed mouth, moulded painted hair, leatherette body with jointed hips, inoperative voice box, composition and wood ball jointed arms, hairline crack across bridge of nose and corners of both eyes, rear of head is damaged and glued, finger tips missing, wearing white work cotton clothing, 14.5"/37cm; (2) Armand Marseille bisque My Dream Baby doll, German, c 1926, impressed AM 351 / 3K, weighted blue eyes, open mouth, moulded hair, five piece curved limb composition body, hairline crack to top of head, two fingers missing, 12.5"/32cm; (2).

Estimate: £40 - £50

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