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Tuesday 28th January 2020 10:30am

Collection of vintage dolls, teddy bear

Collection of vintage dolls, teddy bear, etc: Pedigree Sindy including vintage: (1) Horse- unchecked for completeness (does include many accessories and riding outfit), boxed; (2) Swimming Pool Set, again, unchecked for completeness, but does consist of many components, boxed. (3) Remco Sweet April vinyl doll, with swing, boxed; (4) Palitoy Tiny Tears and Teeny Tiny Tears LEAFLET AND BOTTLE, PLUS TWO DUMMIES ONLY (does not include doll); (5) Palitoy Sheena doll, with some extra clothing and accessories, hairstyle book, boxed; (6) Feed Me golden mohair teddy bear, amber and black glass eyes, unjointed, press mechanism in tummy, 11"/28cm; (7) vinyl face monkey, sleeping eyes, artificial silk plush body, unjointed; (8) Leonardo porcelain doll, boxed; Fair to Excellent; (8).

Estimate: £40 - £50

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