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Tuesday 20th May 2014 10:30am

Collection of TV and Film related figures

Collection of TV and Film related figures including: Artasyum Rob Zombie (plays original audio remix of Dracula); Kenner Universal Studios The Mummy signature series; Aztech Silent Screamers series 1 Dr Caligari; McFarlane Toys The Thing; Mezco Reservoir Dogs Mr. White, Mr. Orange and Mr. Pink; McFarlane Toys The X Files series 1 Fireman; The X Files trivia game on video; Johnny Lightening 1930's 1/64th scale Batgyro; Kenner The Real Ghostbusters Ghost Spooker voice modulator; Beverley Hills Shrek jumbo Shrek; condition is mainly Mint within Good to Good Plus packaging. (12)

Estimate: £30 - £50

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