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Tuesday 20th May 2014 10:30am

Collection of Toys

Collection of Toys including: Think Way Toy Story 2 talking Jessie, Sambro Batman Pinball, Dr. Who's Tardis, plastic large scale organiser, Character Toys Dr. Who Silurian Warrior Alaya and Underhenge Roman Auton figures in original packaging, Bandai recent issue Thundercats Lion-O in original packaging, Character Toys Dork Hunters from Outer Space, Romeo action figure; Goodyear rolling car case with a small quantity of diecast vehicles, miscellaneous large scale plastic play sets (unchecked for completeness) including Spiderman theme, large scale Marx tin plate Lumar contractors high lift mobile crane (incomplete) a Wall E robot, collection of various loose figures including WWF, T-Rex Park bus, various miscellaneous diecast and plastic figures, Harry Potter magic flashing ball, condition is mainly Fair to Good throughout, large quantity in 3 boxes. (qty)

Estimate: £20 - £40

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