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Tuesday 28th January 2020 10:30am

Collection of teddy bears:

Collection of teddy bears: (1) Deb Canham Artist Designs Hamish blonde mohair teddy bear, LE 61/70, with swing label certificate and carry bag, 7.5"/19cm; (2) Merrythought Hope black plush teddy bear, special edition for the This Morning America Appeal World Trade Center Disaster Fund, LE, with swing label, certificate and box, 8"/20cm; (3) The Italian Job teddy bear, 2004, golden plush, with swing label and Teddy Bear Times article relating to the production of the bear, seated position, 10"/26cm; (4) Boyds Auntie Aleena de Bearvoire golden plush teddy bear, with tags, 10"/26cm; Excellent to Near Mint; (4).

Estimate: £25 - £35

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