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Tuesday 28th January 2020 10:30am

Collection of teddy bears and others: Panda, standing

Collection of teddy bears and others: Panda, standing, artificial silk plush; Tiger, recumbent, glass eyes, artificial silk plush; Zotty type recumbent bear, wool plush, glass eyes; Black dog, with bells within ears, seated; Panda wearing kimono; Polo seated polar bear; Hansa seated Black Bear; Russ Bears from the Past- blue jumper with snowman emblem; Biggles dressed as flying ace; California Toys Roly Poly bear; Bauer seated bear (Austria); Pedigree polar bear; Smokey bear (USA); Hi-Toys golden plush bear; koala tea cosy; team GB boxed Athens Olympic bear; Laurel hobby horse; Lifeboats Beanie Bear; Yeti Bear, white plush, with blue eyes; Fair to Excellent; (qty).

Estimate: £30 - £40

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