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Wednesday 17th August 2022 10: 00am

Collection of dolls and juvenalia, includes:

Collection of dolls and juvenalia, includes: (1) Unica Liberation of Belgium and Holland World War Two 1945-47 Tommy Soldier Doll, made by Unica on the occasion of the Liberation (WW II); hence their name 'Liberation dolls', many dolls ended up all over the world this way, the soldiers took them home as souvenirs. NB: this figure was purchased by the vendor's grandfather for as a gift for her grandmother, after the war was over. (2) Composition vintage baby doll, with cloth body, Poor Plus, 13.5"/35cm. (3) Pair of leather antique children's hobnail boots, originally owned by the vendor's grandfather, Fair Plus. (4) Modern bisque doll, Fair Plus, 7.5"/19cm. (4).

Estimate: £40 - £60

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