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Tuesday 17th May 2022 09: 00am

Britains - Racing Colours Series

Britains - Racing Colours Series - This is the FINAL Selection from the World Renowned Ossington Collection and Features some of the Rarest Colours Known to Exist, Owner - Lord Villiers [Un-catalogued], comprising: Horse: Black, Jockey Colours - Dark Blue Cap with Yellow Spots & Yellow Silks with Dark Blue Vertical Stripes. From the Family Collection of Author John Roberts ["Reference Guide to Britains Racing Colours of Famous Owners Issued by William Britain 1925 - 1960"], Published: 2014/2020. Some minor display wear otherwise generally near Mint overall. Extraordinarily Rare Issue, the First Example to be Seen/Sold by Vectis. [2 pieces]

Estimate: £900 - £1,200

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