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Wednesday 19th May 2021 10: 00am

Britains Modern Issues [Special Collectors Edition Series]

Britains Modern Issues [Special Collectors Edition Series], comprising: Set 8811 - 4th Hussars, Ceremonial Collection Set 00157 - Band of the Life Guards, The W. Britain Collection - Set 8902 - Big Ben with Lifeguard & Scots Guard mounted on Polished Wooden Plinth [no box], Ducal Set 183 - Highlanders - Colour Party [King's Colour missing], Little Lead Soldiers Ltd, 25/30mm Factory Painted Miniatures - Foot Guards Band Set [5 figures] & Whittlesey Miniatures - Regiments of Waterloo Set. Mint overall, contained in Near Mint set boxes. [6]

Estimate: £40 - £70

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