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Tuesday 17th May 2022 09: 00am

Britains for Gamages - Types of the Indian Army

Britains for Gamages - Types of the Indian Army - Display Set - Cavalry, 1930's Issue, comprising: Bengal Infantry [Green Jackets & Red Trousers / Turbans] - Officer with Drawn Sword, Pioneer with Axe, Bugler & 5 x Infantrymen Marching at the Trail & Bengal Cavalry [Blue Kurtka's with Green/Red Turbans] - Mounted Officer, Mounted Trumpeter & 3 x Mounted Sepoys with Drawn Sabres. Generally Excellent overall, contained [strung - insert stamped "GAMAGES OF HOLBORN"] in a generally Good [some storage wear] Gamages Special Toy Soldiers [Green] Label set box. For a companion set - see Lot 828, 16th November 2021 sale. Rare the First Example of this Variant to be Sold by Vectis.

Estimate: £1,500 - £2,000

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