Wednesday 20th November 2019 10:00am

Britains - for Gamages - Set 1759A - Air Raid Precautions

Britains - for Gamages - Set 1759A - Air Raid Precautions - Gas Detector, Casualties, Wardens, Police, LDV, [1939/40], comprising: 2 x ARP Stretcher Bearers in Black Rubber Suits with Gas Masks [2nd issue paint scheme], 2 x Stretchers, 2 x Casualty figures, ARP Man in Black Rubber Suit with Gas Detection Stick [2nd issue paint scheme], Policeman [Metropolitan / Standing], Double Sided [Dark Blue / White] "Take Cover" Sign, Home Guard Officer with "LDV" Armband, Home Guard Sentry with Slung Rifle & "LDV" Armband & 2 x ARP Wardens in Steel Helmets. Near Mint overall, contained [strung - correct insert stamped "Britains, Etc" & Gamage - over-stamped] in a generally Very Good [some storage wear] Gamage labelled set box. Accompanied by a note from Britains Management ? This Reads: "1759A - Working No. I'm not sure about this one at all. I know we say its useful for ARP training but do we expect children to want these? The smaller box 1759 hasn't done well at all. I think you should speak to JS about this first. I was against 1759 as well you will recall - at least they've got rid of the yellow hoods ! TAKE COVER". This note is written on the rear of an unrelated carbon copy letter, dated 17th June 1938 & is stamped "For and on behalf of Britains Ltd. Director/Company Secretary" & a Gamage Ltd Stamp over the word "Approved". Possibly a Sample Production set, only supplied via Gamages & never produced as a "Britains" release. Rare if not Unique.

Estimate: £2000 - £3000

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