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Tuesday 15th December 2020 10:00am

A large quantity of miscellaneous items comprising of Games,

A large quantity of miscellaneous items comprising of Games, vinyl LPs, Collecting Books by hard and softback, Dolls along with a number of very interesting "Laservision" Movie Discs to include a boxed set "Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds" a 2 record set which also includes a paperback novel and a giant full colour poster, vinyl LP entitled "The Themes from the Movies", vinyl LP "1966-Magnifcent Movie Themes" along with others, a hardback Book entitled "James May's - Toy Stories", a hardback Book "Millers Movie Collectables", a softback Book "Locomotives by Colin Garrett and Max Wade Mathews" along with other interesting items, also to include in this lot a 3-wheeler "Lightning McQueen/95" Childs Scooter and as previously mentioned is 11 x "Laservision" and similar Laser Disc Video Film Discs which are now becoming highly collectable and also apparently coming back in fashion for both collectors and movie buffs alike to include titles such as "The Final Conflict - The Power of Evil is no longer in the hands of a Child", "Raise the Titanic", "Damien - Omen II" along with others. None of these video discs have been tested or checked. Conditions all generally appear to be generally Fair to Good although nothing has been checked for completeness or tested. (qty in 2 heavy boxes - please note due to the weight of this lot collection is advised)

Estimate: £15 - £20

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