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Wednesday 2nd December 2009 10:30am

634 - Military Civilian Figures, Equipment & Accessories

Britains - Floral Miniature Garden - Set 7530 - Family Group, comprising: Man with Spade, Lady with Trowel & Basket, Seated Grand Mother, Seated Grand Father, Boy with Football [mounted on base spigot] and Girl playing with Dog, Man with Shears, Prone Teenage Girl & Prone Teenage Boy listening to Transistor Radio, Garden Roller, Wheelbarrow & Garden Bench. Near Mint & COMPLETE [all the small accessories are contained in a sealed small plastic bag with Printed Contents Listing], contained in a Very Good [some minor age wear] Pink/Grey/White Britains Floral Miniature Garden Series Trade Carton [this set is always normally found in a window box]. Extremely Rare, the first example of this set/packaging to be offered by Vectis.

Estimate: £120 - £220

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