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Friday 26th April 2019 10:30am

2 1/2" Gauge Class 70 Diesel electric Locomotive Southern green.

2 1/2" Gauge Class 70 Diesel electric Locomotive Southern green. Superbly constructed as a copy of the 2 produced by the Southern Railways. Co-Co 6-wheel power units with 2 motors per unit. Motors stamped 24dc with other trade stampings, detailed outside electric pick-ups, all sprung drives with fully operational Leaf springs supported on rubber bushes. Finished in dark green and grey with white lining and "Southern" to white sides of loco. The cab construction is sectionalised with parts bolted together as on the real locomotive. There is no provision for the single overhead pantograph as on the real locomotive and appears that no provision was made to fit this to the model. The locomotives is believed to be a Southern works/Apprentice built but to date no evidence has come to light to confirm this but the quality of manufacturer and finish of the model would suggest professional construction. An interesting historical model of the Class 70 Locomotive produced during and immediately after World War 2. 2 of these Class 70 Locomotives were built by the Southern Railway these being a co-operation between Oliver Bulleid (The Chief Mechanical Engineer) and Alfred Raworth (Chief Electrical Engineer). The first being commission from the Ashford Works in 1941 and the second in 1945.

Estimate: £700 - £900

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