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I have won a Lot - What do I do now?

If you have registered a payment card on your Vectis account and selected that 'Automatic Payment' is to be taken, then you do not need to do anything; an invoice will be sent shortly. Once this has been confirmed as paid by our accounts team, it is then passed onto the packing department, who will calculate any postage and packing costs. This will generate a second invoice; again, once confirmed as paid the item(s) will be dispatched to your registered delivery address.

You can check that you have a registered payment card on your Vectis account by logging in at http://www.vectis.co.uk/, select My Account next select Registered Payment Card if it shows as Edit Payment Details you have a card registered if not you can register a payment card.

You can click the Edit Payment Details Link to check you have selected 'Take Automatic Payments from this Card' if this is not selected you will either need to phone or email to give authorisation for Vectis to take payment from your registered card.

You can select Yes to automatically take payment for the next and future sales however it will not take effect for this payment. Please note you will need to re-enter your security code from the back of your card before saving.

Items will be shipped as quickly as possible but due to the high volume it may take up to 21 days to ship all parcels. If you are bidding in more than one of our auctions, we will where possible combine lots into one parcel to make shipping more economical.

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