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Matchbox Regular Wheels - No.3B Bedford TK Tipper

Wednesday 11th May 2005 12:00am

Lot 2762

Matchbox Regular Wheels - No.3b Bedford TK Tipper - light grey, maroon back, silver trim, knobbly black plastic wheels, No.10c Foden Sugar Container Truck - dark blue, silver trim, no rear crown decal, small knobbly black plastic wheels (box has repro end flap), No.24b Hydraulic Excavator - orange-yellow, black plastic wheels, No.40b Leyland Royal Tiger Coach - metallic silver-blue, silver trim, silver plastic wheels and No.72a Fordson Tractor - blue, orange plastic hubs - Excellent to Near Mint in Fair to Excellent Plus boxes. (5)

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Matchbox Regular Wheels - No.3B Bedford TK Tipper


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