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N Gauge

Saturday 19th August 2006 12:00am

Lot 3183

N Gauge (ex shop stock) large quantity of Peco Trackwork and Accessories including 5 x SL395 right hand medium point, 4 x SL397 medium Y point, 4 x SL395 long crossing, 8 x SL387 curved left hand point, 4 x SL389 large left hand point, 6 x SL388 large right hand point, 4 x SL386 curved right hand point, 4 x SL384 right hand catch point, 4 x SL385 left hand catch point, SL-390F Finescale double slip, SL-380F Finescale single slip, set track sections include ST1 standard straights, ST2 short straights, ST3 standard curves, ST4 half curves, ST14 curved 2nd radius, ST12 double curves, ST15 2nd radius double curves, packs of underlay include medium left and right points, long crossing, curved and large radius right and left hand, 8 x NB50 level crossing gates, 5 x NB38 truss girder bride sides, 5 x NB39 plate girder bridge sides, platform accessories include LK752 porter trolley and luggage, LK751 milk churns, LK755 platform ticket machine and other machines, LK754 sweet and chocolate machines, LK753 4 wheel platform trolley, also included 10 x NR200 sand wagon loads, 7 x NR204 barrel wagon loads, plus other accessories, conditions Mint in Near Mint to Mint original packaging. (very large qty)

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N Gauge


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