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Matchbox Collectables

Thursday 25th March 2010 10:30am

Lot 1208

Matchbox Collectables "Age of Steam" comprising of No.YAS01 Stephenson's "The Rocket" Matchbox Collectables riveted base Loco and Tender, No.YAS02-1 Foden Steam Wagon "Hulton Coals" - pale red wheels, large coal load - large and long cast baseplate text, No.YAS03-2 Aveling and Porter Steam Roller "P.B. Coulson" - royal blue body and boiler, white roof, "Bluebell" nameplate, gold steering chain worm gear, painted base rivets "YAS03" cast, No.YAS04-1 Yorkshire Steam Wagon "De Selby Quarries" - gloss bright red cab roof, light bright seat, roof support and rear bulk head, No.YAS05-1 Fowler Showman's Engine "Hoadleys" - satin ivory white roof top, red roof spreaders, riveted Matchbox Collectables base "YAS05" cast and No.YAS06-2 Atkinson Steam Logger "J.B. Kind" - "Models of Yesteryear" not cast or tampo printed, no Series Number cast or tampo printed - conditions are Mint including type Q2 boxes. (6)

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Matchbox Collectables


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