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Bassett-Lowke Catalogues

Saturday 12th October 2002 12:00am

Lot 97

Bassett-Lowke Catalogues including - "Steam Locomotives", "Stationary Engines and Other Components" dated September 1939, Model Railways Catalogues, landscape format for 1948 & 1953, Bassett-Lowke Booklet & Catalogue for 1968 with price list. Also Roche Prototype Drawings Binder showing a large number of drawings from the Roche Series - all dated in the period 1949-50 illustrating locomotives from all 4 regions, some Wagons & Trams. This interesting binder was made for display purposes only for the sole concessionaires - Peco of Sidmouth, Devon. Generally Excellent, also some Line Drawing Copies by HP Jackson, Model Maker from the 1930s showing a number of Southern Locos & Tenders and a couple of other items. Unusual lot generally Good.

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