Live Auction Audio Trial
Live Auction Audio Trial
We are pleased to announce the testing phase of auction day audio on our online bidding platform, Vectis Live.
Experience the auction as it happens, with near real-time audio, straight from the auction podium. Complement on-screen bidding with the auction day atmosphere.
Broadcasting an auction "live" is quite a hard thing to achieve, especially when it needs to be listened to by customers all over the world and keep tightly synced with the bidding in the auction room. In order to achieve this, we're testing a newly emerging technology which reduces the delay to you and keeps the audio stream as close to real-time as possible.
Because the technology is still under development, it is not yet fully supported by many of the web browsers currently available. As such, at this time we only recommend using Google Chrome browser on a PC or Mac, as other browsers and devices may not play the audio or lag behind the auction too far as to be practicably useable.
If you haven't got it installed already, please download the Google Chrome browser from the link above and then open our live bidding console from our website on auction day.
  • Even though you can hear the auctioneer, you should always use the Vectis Live on-screen prompts when placing your bids.
  • Our audio will generally reach you within 200ms; however network issues between us could push the latency up to seconds. If you think the sound is too far behind what you see on-screen, refresh your browser and it should remedy the situation.
  • Our auctions are not timed, so you don't have to wait until the very last second to place your bid to win the lot. In fact, waiting can often mean you lose out to the hammer, so bid early. 
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