A message from Bryan Goodall
Hello Everyone 
Well, who would have believed it? I certainly can't believe Vectis is 25 years old this month. 
I thought that I would give you a few thoughts on the past 25 years.   
I had been collecting diecast toys in my early years, Dinky and Corgi Toys mainly, and one day in the early 1990s after moving house, I discovered a box full of those toys (none of which were boxed or in very good condition as they'd actually been played with by me!).  For some unknown reason it stirred up something inside me that eventually led me back to recollecting my childhood toys.   
I managed to find an edition of an early Collectors Gazette and saw an ad on the back page for a company Vectis Toy and Model Auctions and thought that would be a good way of building my collection.  So for the next couple of years I made the 500 mile round trip from home on Teesside to Guildford to buy toys from Vectis.   
In 1995 having sold one of our Companies, I had a thought that I would try and buy the Vectis Auction business which would then completely satisfy my obsession for toy collecting.  Roger and Jill Mazillius had been running Vectis since 1989 (hence the 25 year anniversary this month) and in 1996 Roger finally decided to retire and I was able to buy Vectis from them.  I remember him saying on the day we finally did the deal that he thought I would be able to make Vectis into a world class business ? I didn?t particularly believe him at the time but it now seems that we are just that. 
After several more years of holding auctions at Guildford, we decided to move the business to Donington as a more central point, then London and eventually found a home at Buckingham.   
In 1998 we also acquired Barry Potter Auctions which was eventually integrated into Vectis itself (although we still travel to Rugby several times a year to hold the train auctions).
As time passed, the Internet was born and became an integral part of the business, we were finally able to move the business to Teesside where the Group Company is based and still enable us to satisfy the needs of all our sellers and buyers.
From its original 8 auctions a year and several hundred thousand pound turnover, Vectis is now holding more than 60 auctions per year and increased annual turnover to between £5 and £6 million.  In fact Vicky tells me that we have now sold over £100 million worth of toys!  Our customer base has grown from its original 450 names in an A4 little black book to over 80,000 names and e-mail addresses from a worldwide audience of buyers and sellers.   
It's been a really interesting journey from three of us starting in 1996, Vectis now has 30 members of staff and although I would like to thank them all for their fantastic efforts, I should give special thanks to one and that is of course Vicky Weall.  Lots of you will know her as "Vicky Vectis" the face of Vectis.  She has been the cornerstone of the business and has helped me drive the company forward to what it is today (although we haven't always seen eye to eye!!). 
Finally I would like to thank everybody who have sold their toys through Vectis, bought toys from Vectis or showed any interest in the company over all of these years.  Thank you all for making us what we are today and look forward to the future.                           
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