Star Wars Acetate
An exciting addition to the TV and Film sale to be held on October 24th is a Star Wars original acetate Transparency from 1977, used in the production of the original iconic Tom Chantrell promotional Poster. 
As there has been no sight of this original artwork since 1977, this may be the last remaining (and certainly the only available) record of the original design.  This comes with an archive digital media record for preservation purposes and a pair of prints (35" x 44.5" and 17.25" x 21") produced solely to illustrate the superb quality of colour and definition.
Sold by Wellers Auctioneers on May 12th, 2012, Lot 636, it was originally the property of a retired 20th Century Fox employee; this alongside other items had been stored in his attic for more than 30 years. 
David Smith, who purchased the Lot says 'This was sold cheaply in my view because nobody could fully envisage what this really was until we decided to get it analysed and prints off.'  'The transparency has been produced on reversal film, i.e. transparency/acetate on a technical camera to an extremely high quality.  Which at the time could only have been achieved at a small number of places in the world and at a very expensive cost.'
The acetate features on the official Tom Chantrell website - as donated by David Smith, the vendor.Lot 4634 has been given an estimate of £4000-£6000


Interesting links to go with this Lot are featured below:
An interview given by Tom Chantrell, featured on The Hammer Horrors website shows how he often didn't sign his artwork, and in this poster's case he had to send out his signature so it could be added to the prints.  This is noticeable by its absence in the acetate transparency.
Also in the sale from the same Vendor is Lot 4635 a Star Wars R2-D2 Blueprint, with text in German "Holographischer Rekorder und Projektor Arm fur Computer-verbindung", (35.5" x 23.5"/90cm x 60cm.)  Additions to blueprint - hand notation and coloured pencil shading. 
NB. This Blueprint was sold by Wellers Auctioneers on May 12th, 2012, Lot 635
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