Vectis Live Bidding

1: Open and log in to the website using your usual Vectis Username and Password.

2: On the Homepage there will be a list of 'Upcoming Auctions'. The sale which is due to start will display a countdown timer, once the sale has opened this will change to 'Join Auction', select this option for further auction choices. (Please note a sale will 'open' approximately 5 minutes before it 'starts')


3: Once you have joined the Open Auction you will be given a further two options:-

  •  Join Live Auction
  •  Watch Live Auction

As a buyer you would choose 'Join Live Auction', if you are a seller and are looking to see how your items have fared, or are just watching this time round, you would chose 'Watch Live Auction'

You will also be able to review the minimum specification for running the live auction software. If you experience any problems running the live auction, updating to the latest version of the Java Runtime usually sorts most problems. You may also need to allow the software to run; this would be notified by a yellow bar across the top of the web browser.



4: If the auction has still not started a countdown timer will be displayed until the auctions starts.



5: You need to register a payment card before you can bid online, which can be updated through the 'My Account' area.



6: Once the Auction has started the 'Auction Dashboard' will be displayed. This will show the bid history, a description and image of the current lot, current bid price and a scroll of upcoming lots.



7: Bids are placed using the 'Bid Now!' button, as the auction progresses the price on the button will increase to reflect the current bid request.

If you successfully place the highest bid the button will go green and you will be notified that you have placed the 'Current Highest Bid!'


If a higher bid is placed the button will revert to 'Bid Now!'


If you have any questions regarding using this site please call +44 1642 750616 or email


Dont forget if you prefer to continue use Artfact or Invaluable they will still be available to use. We are simply running the Vectis Live Bidding alongside our usual platforms.

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