The Northamptonshire Collection Matchbox Sale
Day two of The Northamptonshire Collection Matchbox Sale to be held on Wednesday the 20th of September features further Matchbox Regular Wheel models, plus Accessory packs, Major packs, miscellaneous and Gift sets.
The models were collected for their casting wheel and colour variations and have been catalogued using their individual stannard codes and grouped by their variations. The sale will also include a quantity of MB17 buses and MB38, Ford Model A vans including many pre-production models.
Highlights include: 
Lot 4115 -- Matchbox Regular Wheels G1 Motorway Gift Set containing (1) No.6c Euclid Dump Truck - with silver grille, 40-tread front black plastic wheels, detailed rear black plastic wheels; (2) No.10c Foden Sugar Container Truck - with silver trim, with base hole, 36-tread black plastic wheels; (3) No.13c Ford Thames Trader Wreck Truck - red lettered decals, cast shut jib, grey plastic double arm hook, 45-tread black plastic wheels; (4) No.33b Ford Zephyr 6 - dark turquoise body without rear silver trim, 36-tread black plastic wheels; (5) No.34b Volkswagen Camper Van - twin rivet base, 45-tread black plastic wheels; (6) No.38b Vauxhall Victor Estate Car - green interior, 36-tread black plastic wheels; (7) No.48b Sports Boat & Trailer - red boar with white hull and gold motor, dark blue trailer with raised towing eye, 18-tread black plastic wheels; (8) No.55b Ford Fairlane Police Car - with rear silver trim, 36-tread black plastic wheels; (9) No.71b Jeep Gladiator Pick-up Truck - white interior, gloss black base without patent number, 45-tread black plastic wheels - in type E1 box complete with white inner card packing and yellow inner card packing stand. Set also complete with cardboard Accessory Pack Roadway, unused BP International Road Sign Set and "BP Touring Service" information leaflet. Estimate: £300 - £400 
Lot 4028 -- Matchbox Regular Wheels No.62b Commer TV Service Van "Rentaset" - Stannard Code 1 - cream body with silver trim, turquoise windows, type A 2.5mm high ladder rests, without rear door guide braces, gloss black clip-fit base, 24-tread grey plastic wheels, complete with plastic accessories attached to sprue - in narrow "New Model" type D2 box printed by Pembroke Abbey. Although model has some small chips this still displays well. Estimate: £220 - £280  
Lot 4083 -- Matchbox Regular Wheels No.71c Ford Heavy Wreck Truck - Stannard Code 2 - rare amber windows & roof-light, white type B chassis, grille & rear body with detailed bed and 1968 copyright date lettering, chassis with side rib but without rear brace, light blue outline large Esso labels - in "New" type F1 box illustrating model with blue Esso labels. Still a nice example of this rare issue. Estimate: £220 - £280  
Lot 4129 -- Matchbox Accessory Pack A2 Bedford Articulated Car Transporter - red tractor unit with mask sprayed silver trim to radiator grille & head-lamps only, light grey trailer body with red lower ramp & base, dark red "Car Collection Ltd" decals, 30-tread knobbly black plastic wheels - in sunfaded along striker side type D1 box illustrating blue model printed by TP Packaging. Still a nice example of this rare issue. Estimate: £180 - £240  
Lot 4157 -- Matchbox Major Pack M4 GMC Fruehauf Hopper Train - maroon tractor unit with silver trim and gloss black base, turquoise windows, metallic silver trailers, red plastic hubs with grey tyres - in type E2 box complete with inner card packing tray. Nice example. Estimate: £100 - £150
Please take a look at the catalogue for full descriptions, including condition; as well as further items in this sale.
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