The Northamptonshire Collection Matchbox Sale
The Northamptonshire Collection Matchbox Sale to be held on Tuesday the 19th of September features a large collection of over 500 Matchbox Regular Wheel models.
The models were collected for their casting wheel and colour variations and have been catalogued using their individual stannard codes and grouped by their variations. Day one features model numbers 1 to 57.
Highlights include:
Lot 3216 -- Matchbox Regular Wheels No.23c Bluebird Dauphine Caravan - Stannard Code 1 - metallic green body & base, thin window pillars, Type A tow bar without brace, 20-tread grey plastic wheels -  in Type B5 box without printers identification. Estimate: £300 - £360  
Lot 3249 -- Matchbox Regular Wheels No.27c Cadillac Sixty Special - Stannard Code 2 - metallic light green body with split rear silver trim and red tail lamps, white roof, clear windows, maroon base, 20-tread silver plastic wheels -  in "New Model" type B5 box printed by Pembroke Abbey. Still a nice example of this rare model which displays well. Estimate: £300 - £360  
Lot 3035 -- Matchbox Regular Wheels No.5c London Routemaster Bus "Drink Peardrax" - Stannard Code 5 - red body with silver grille, criss-cross roof interior, oblong axle supports, 8 x 18-tread black plastic wheels - in type D2 box printed by Bowaters (tear to one end flap). Estimate: £300 - £340 
Lot 3128 -- Matchbox Regular Wheels No.14c Bedford Lomas Ambulance - Stannard Code 7 - off-white body with roof cross guidelines cast, early style silver trim with rectangular block to grille, head lamps & front bumper, cream interior, interior brace without round block, gloss black base, 20-tread silver plastic wheels - in "New Model� Type C Lesney box printed by Bowaters. Estimate: £300 - £400 
Lot 3070 -- Matchbox Regular Wheels No.8e Ford Mustang - Stannard Code 7 - burnt orange body without silver grille, clear windows, red interior, gloss black base with patent number, recessed keyhole and with tow guides, chrome hubs with black plastic tyres - in transitional type F5 box illustrating Superfast model but without Superfast branding. Estimate: £280 - £360
Please see the catalogue for full details of each lot and further items in the sale.
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