Tinplate and Diecast Delights in August 16th Sale
Wednesday 16th August - Matchbox, Diecast and Tinplate Sale
The third day of consecutive auctions offers some marvellous Matchbox, terrific Tinplate and dynamite Diecast!  Read on to see a few highlights or to view the full catalogue click here. 

Lot 2370
Bing (Germany) "HMS Iron Duke" Twin Funnel Gunboat. Rare tinplate clockwork model with automatic cap firing and steering mechanism. Finished in grey and red. Twin gun turrets to front and rear. Clockwork motor working when tested and drives screw, though firing/steering mechanism requires attention. Length 19.5?/50cm. Professionally restored to a good standard. Excellent as a restoration.
Estimate: £1000 - £1500 
  Lot 2360
Bing (Germany) Torpedo Boat. The largest version of the pre-WW1 tinplate three funnel clockwork torpedo boat No. 121. Grey and red hull with black decks. Includes anchors, 4-wheeled trolley and 3 later cast metal crew members. Powerful clockwork motor driving four bladed screw, working when tested. With non-original key. Length 39.5?/100cm. Some shallow dents to side of hull. Restored and repainted. A rare and very impressive model.
Estimate: £800 - £1200 
Lot 2371
Bing (Germany) "Kasuga" Japanese Gunboat. Circa 1906. The largest of the early Bing clockwork automatic firing and steering tinplate gunboats. Finished in light grey and black with a light blue deck. Twin black and red funnels, twin gun turret to front and torpedo tube to rear. The original automatic clockwork mechanism has been replaced with one which drives the screw only (working when tested). Length 19.5?/50cm. Repainted to a high standard. Excellent for display.
Estimate: £600 - £800 
  Lot 2364
Bing (Germany) British Armoured Cruiser. Circa 1913. Tinplate clockwork four funnel ship. Twin gun turrets fore and aft with 6x single guns to sides. Hull in dark and mid grey with red deck. Two lifeboats and two anchors. With Bing key. Clockwork motor working when tested. Length 20?/51cm. Masts reattached with wooden dowels. Some age wear and shallow dents to one side of hull but generally Good.
Estimate: £600 - £800 
Lot 2460
Carette (Germany) Four Funnel Liner - c.1912. Tinplate clockwork model with red lower hull and funnels, black waistband, cream upper hull and super structure, tan deck. Sympathetically restored with colours to match the original. Clockwork motor working when tested. Length 12?/30.5cm. Damage to tinplate "rigging? to one side of fore mast and some minor paint loss, otherwise Excellent. A rare find in any condition.
Estimate: £500 - £700 
  Lot 2377
Ernst Plank (Germany) Torpedo Boat. Extremely rare early tinplate clockwork single funnel boat finished in pale and dark blue with yellow deck. Ernst Plank logo embossed on a metal plate on stern. Probably circa 1900. Spring loaded forward facing torpedo tube (no torpedo) mounted on front deck which is automatically triggered by a rotating cam on deck. Clockwork motor working when tested. Length 12?/30.5cm. Areas of paint loss but generally Good to Fair.
Estimate: £400 - £600 
Lot 2425
HIJMS Yamato. Substantial detailed model of the Japanese battleship. Yamato was commissioned in 1941, shortly after Pearl Harbor and was the largest battleship ever built. She was sunk on 7 April 1945. Length 52?/132cm. Excellent in heavy glass case with wood base and brass plaque.
Estimate: £400 - £600 
  Lot 2467
Bing (Germany) Floor Train. Very rare large scale pressed steel floor train circa 1920?s. Comprising: 1) Green locomotive with black smoke box, yellow lining and "4210? in gold to cab/bunker sides. Steel spoked wheels with white rubber tyres. 2) Maroon van with grey roof, black trim and orange steel wheels. "11936?to sides. Opening sliding doors. Hook and drop link couplings. 3) Grey open truck with black detailing and red wheels. Drop link couplings. Length of loco 22.5?/57cm. Overall length of train 57.5?/146cm. Loco has some play wear but is generally Good to Good Plus. The van has Good sides with a Fair roof. The truck is Good to Fair. The first example to be sold by Vectis.
Estimate: £400 - £600 
Lot 2320
Matchbox Regular Wheels No.53x Ford Zodiac - metallic silver-blue body, clear windows, rare trial lilac interior, bare metal base, black plastic wheels - Near Mint (minor faint scratch to rear of roof) in Good Plus slightly creased type F2 box. Very rare model with this colour interior.
Estimate: £700 - £800
  Lot 2317
Matchbox Regular Wheels No.11a ERF Tanker - Stannard Code 1 - green body with gold trim to grille, headlamps & fuel tanks, metal wheels with flat crimped axles - Excellent (does have a few tiny chips and rub marks to gold trim on both fuel tanks) in Good Plus to Excellent type B1 box.
Estimate: £400 - £500 
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