The Alan Orr Collection on Tues 15th & Wed 16th August
(Lots 1001 - 1499 Tuesday 15th Lots  2218 - 2297 Wednesday 16th August) 
This August Vectis Auctions will present the Alan Orr Collection in two sections. The first part contains boxed, unboxed and early examples from premier manufacturers such as Dinky, Corgi and Spot-On with an interesting selection of more obscure makers which are rarely seen from Mebetoys, Dugu, Taiseiya andQuiralu to highlight a few. The second day heralds Matchbox in Regular Wheels and Models of Yesteryear form. 

Here Alan tells provides some history behind this this outstanding assembly - "An engineer
trade, my father was also a motorsport enthusiast,
and as children he would regale us at the dinner table
with tales of Jack Brabham, Stirling Moss, and of course
his favourite, Fangio.  Paintings of racing cars around
the house were supplemented with similar scale models
carefully mounted on wooden plinths, and every car had
its own story.  His model building hobby allowed him to
put his engineering background to good use, and he was
never happier than spending his evenings on the latest
project, mostly scale models of tall ships, such as the Cutty Sark, each plank meticulously located perfectly next to its neighbour, and all the rigging carefully hand crafted.
Each one a work of art.  He even rebuilt a working 3.5" gauge steam train, and as an avid member of the local model engineering society, would spend his weekends with his fellow enthusiasts offering rides in the local park. 
In between these times he would still find time to add to his growing collection of scale model diecast cars. Most Saturday afternoons, throughout the 60's and into the early 70's he would announce he was heading "into town", and would disappear off to scour the toy shops of the North West of England for that elusive Ferrari or Mini Cooper.   
Having attended many hill climbs, and even heading down to Le Mans on occasion, he particularly favoured those cars he had actually seen racing, although his collection covers the whole range of vehicles from that era.  
He always grumbled that the Blue Peter Christmas appeal of 1969, which appealed for scrap metal from old toy cars, made collecting even harder, but it never seemed to stop him coming home with more cars. He eventually gave up collecting new models, as the world of motorsport moved on from the era he grew up with. He generously allowed us a few, mostly duplicate, cars to play with, but the majority of the collection remains in the same condition he bought it, with very few ever seeing action.   
He would be very glad to know that they are heading off into similarly careful hands for a new generation to enjoy".

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For more information on this collection please contact Andrew Reed Andrew@vectis (Part One) and Julian Royse (Part Two - Matchbox)
or call +44 (0) 1642 750616. 
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