Rare Tri-Ang New Zealand in the July Sale
Tri-Ang New Zealand

Rare Diecast to be sold at Vectis on Wednesday 12th July 
During the 1930's the Government of New Zealand introduced measures to develop its native economy.  
Still actively seeking to export to its main ally Britain and other countries it began to severely restrict imports to encourage consumers to buy products exclusively produced on home soil.
Industrial zones were created near housing areas to develop, build and manufacture what the country required. 
By 1938 all imports were subject to licence, it was still possible to import raw materials and then make up the end product in New Zealand which British companies were forced to do to keep the supply chain going. Others ceased  supplying products to New Zealand altogether. In 1946 only one toy import licence was granted for Meccano, such were the strict conditions placed.  
British toy stalwarts, Lines Bros, looked to maintain their brands in New Zealand and the answer came in the guise of a small New Zealand toy producer Joy Toys. Established in 1938, the company had concentrated mainly on teddy bears, soft toys and dolls producing around 1000 items a day at peak. In 1947 three new names appeared on the list of Directors for Joy Toys - Walter, William and Arthur Lines and by 1949 they became the major shareholders increasing their initial stake from £12,000 to £250,000 not an insignificant sum for the time. Toys were made using raw materials brought in from the UK,  plus much of the tinplate and casting which was manufactured at the Camp Bunn warehouse in South Auckland. The 100,000 square feet premises employed 216 people creating Lines, Pedigree and Tri-Ang branded toys, prams, vehicles, train sets, teddy bears and dolls offering over 305 different lines, toys which were to be found in every branch of Woolworths in New Zealand during this period.
As Dinky, Charbens, Taylor & Barrett and similar  were no longer available in New Zealand, the Tri-Ang Diecast range competed with locally produced Diecast vehicles from Fun Ho!, Torro and Lincoln Industries. With the marketing strength of Lines Bros behind them the Diecast cars did relatively well, however as they were not produced in the same number as the British counterparts or for the same length of time, today these Tri-Ang (NZ) issues are rare. They can be easily identified as on the underside of the casting it reads 'Tri-Ang Toys, Made in New Zealand, By Lines Bros (NZ) Ltd.' They were originally presented in flap end type boxes sized to fit the models, as seen in Lot No.1627.
Vectis have 10 of these models for sale in the forthcoming Specialist Diecast Sale on Wednesday 12th July including the rare 'Road Roller', which is an orange Aveling Barford road roller with steerable front roller, grey rollers and cream. Although not in the best of conditions the rarity of these pieces will ensure much interest and hammer prices lot be much higher than the conservative estimates
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