The Tom Olsen Star Wars Collection
Star Wars Thursday 27th July 2017
The Tom Olsen Collection
The assembly contains a range of modern Hasbro carded figures , vehicles and accessories plus a superb selection of Star Wars Lego, kits, autographs, comics and graphic novels.
Here, the vendor talks about his time as a collector - "A few words about me as a collector - I am 42 years old. I have been a Star Wars fan from probably the age of 5 when I first saw Star Wars - A New Hope and so I started collecting. 
My collection in the past 15 years has become wide and large, filling up way too many boxes. I had a dream of getting a barn or something and creating a museum in a way, for myself, with large displays of battle scenes in LEGO and others with figures, vehicles etc. But my collection has grown too big, so by letting a part of it go to auction, I can focus more on props and rare vintage pieces for the size of displays that I have room for. 
I will not stop collecting, I love what I do when it comes to Star Wars, and will always be a collector, but a more focused one. The Star Wars Ep 1 Crew Jacket I purchased from the Prop Store back at Celebration Europe 1, which cost £500, back then. That was my first Celebration and I have been to every one after that, all over the world. 
The two AFA Chewies I stumbled on at the collector?s social room at Celebration Anaheim, where I spoke to many collectors and did some fair trades. The guy who had them had been overspending big time and it seemed to me that he needed to sell, so I bought them from him along with some other items. I ended up trading, doing deals and spending a total of about $ 12 000.
It is not always a cheap hobby. It is a passion that I am sure most collectors understand". 
Tom Olsen, July 2017 
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