Isle of Wight MOY Collection 11th July
The Isle of Wight Collection 

In 1956 Matchbox exhibited a new range of four 'Models of Yesteryear' which were put on display at the Toy Trade Fair in Harrogate. Receiving an extremely favourable response, the assortment was expanded to 16 models by 1961. These were packaged in boxes similar to the Matchbox 1-75 Series.
 When the range increased to 16 models, the decision was taken that this would be the maximum amount of releases at any one time, pieces being altered or replaced instead.
An explosion of interest in the collectors market during the 1980's and 1990's, caused a re-think and expansion of the range resulted in the whole run of Yesteryears being numbered from Y-1 to Y-66, comprising vehicles of significant historical importance.
Early examples were cast entirely in zinc alloy, over time for both economic and manufacturing processing; slight alterations were made such as replacing the metal wheels with plastic and identical components used for several differing models. A good comparison can be made by examining the two different issues of the 1929 Bentley, the first launched in 1958 (First Series Model) and again in 1962 (By then the Second Series).
Many Model of Yesteryear
collectors focus on the early
pieces, however the Isle
of WightCollection to be sold
at Vectis on Tuesday 11th July
covers the whole spectrum and
features the largest assortment
of Code 2 (Models modified
with the permission of Matchbox),
Vectis have offered in
recent years.

There are numerous rare and scarce variations of early Yesteryear models included such as pre-production and colour trial models, some of which were purchased from the very first Vectis auctions on The Isle of White.
Several of the models in the auction are from extremely limited runs of less than six or twelve; there are even some unique specimens.
The collection features models from around the globe including Australia, Canada, and USA. Also a large selection of continental models from MCCD (German Matchbox Club), CCCS (Czech Republic) as well as MICA Convention models and some exceedingly unusual issues. 
To view the sale please click here. For more information on this sale please contact Ian Main on +44 (0) 1642 750616.     
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